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February – Patriotic with Presidents’ Day!

Presidents’ Day is in February – and since we love all things patriotic at BP, we enjoy learn more about the history of our country and this particular holiday. 

Presidents’ Day this year is February 17th – and the history of the holiday is quite interesting.  While we currently have our 45th Commander-in-Chief in office, a fun fact we like to share is that here have only been 44rd Presidents. Why? Because Grover Cleveland is counted twice as both our 22nd and 24th President, since he was elected for two nonconsecutive terms.

Here’s another interesting fact: many states celebrate Washington’s Day while other states officially call the day President’s Day (or Presidents’ Day – or some leave off the apostrophe altogether!).

And in fact, while this is a federal holiday with many banks and schools closed in observance of Presidents’ Day, states are free to name this holiday as they wish and even determine whether it is observed as a public holiday in that state.

The holiday we now call Presidents’ Day first came to be as an unofficial holiday. It started on February 22, 1880 – this date was George Washington’s birthday and was just two months after his death. It wasn’t until 1879 when the day became a federal holiday; President Rutherford B. Hayes signed it into law. Six years late it became a “national bank holiday” (according to the History Channel), and was the first bank holiday to celebrate an individual.

However you choose to celebrate Presidents’ Day, we hope you stop and appreciate all the amazing history of our country.  Have a wonderful February!