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Recycling News

There are many changes taking place in the recycling industry – both on a domestic front, as well as internationally.

We have put together a chart with clear information on what items should always be recycled, and what items should NOT be included in a recycling container or bin – Click here to view or download.

Here are some articles to make sure you are “in the know” about all that is taking place with recycling.

Since China’s Ban, Recycling in the US Has Gone Up in Flames (Wired, February 27, 2019)

At least half of Philly’s recycling goes straight to an incinerator (The Inquirer, January 25, 2019)

Rural recycling hit hard by shifting scrap market (Pew, January 8, 2019)

Market forces put America’s recycling industry in the dumps (Associated Press News, October 10, 2018)

Why recycling is now a money loser, not a moneymaker for Philly (The Inquirer, July 23, 2018)

Middle Smithfield to close recycling center (Pocono Record, July 10, 2018)