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Partner with BP: a national leader in waste and equipment services

The continual change to the workplace has forced many companies to adapt new strategies regarding their work sites and offices. And in our current environment, we are looking for additional partners to meet the growing need for our business solutions.

There are many services we provide our customers, on both the commercial and construction side.

A “map” of our commercial services (click on image to download):

A “map” of our construction services (click on image to download):

We are the go-to provider for our customers who look to ensure ongoing business operations continue in the most seamless and cost effective way.

We have a long track record of success, and look to expand our network of partnerships to grow our business. If you would like to explore a partnership with BP Environmental, we hope that you will reach out to us.

We look forward to starting a conversation.

The BP Team

An update to BP Business Operations

We have been keeping a careful eye on all news concerning the COVID-19 outbreak and wanted to provide our own update to last week’s email.

BP Business Solutions continues to be fully operational amid the current crisis.  As a company, we have taken the necessary steps to allow our teams to work remotely and safely while maintaining our normal operational status.

We are currently assisting customers with commercial cleaning and sanitizing, waste & recycling services, IT services (assisting customers who are also remote), equipment rentals and more.

Please do not hesitate to call us at 267-308-0123 or email info@workwithbp.com with any questions.  We are here to help!

Thank you and stay healthy,

The BP Business Solutions Team
Lou Pellegrino, CEO/Founder

February – Patriotic with Presidents’ Day!

Presidents’ Day is in February – and since we love all things patriotic at BP, we enjoy learn more about the history of our country and this particular holiday. 

Presidents’ Day this year is February 17th – and the history of the holiday is quite interesting.  While we currently have our 45th Commander-in-Chief in office, a fun fact we like to share is that here have only been 44rd Presidents. Why? Because Grover Cleveland is counted twice as both our 22nd and 24th President, since he was elected for two nonconsecutive terms.

Here’s another interesting fact: many states celebrate Washington’s Day while other states officially call the day President’s Day (or Presidents’ Day – or some leave off the apostrophe altogether!).

And in fact, while this is a federal holiday with many banks and schools closed in observance of Presidents’ Day, states are free to name this holiday as they wish and even determine whether it is observed as a public holiday in that state.

The holiday we now call Presidents’ Day first came to be as an unofficial holiday. It started on February 22, 1880 – this date was George Washington’s birthday and was just two months after his death. It wasn’t until 1879 when the day became a federal holiday; President Rutherford B. Hayes signed it into law. Six years late it became a “national bank holiday” (according to the History Channel), and was the first bank holiday to celebrate an individual.

However you choose to celebrate Presidents’ Day, we hope you stop and appreciate all the amazing history of our country.  Have a wonderful February!

We welcome 2020 and the new year

We wish a wonderful new year to everyone, and we hope that 2020 will be happy, healthy, and productive for your family and your company.

2019 was another busy year for BP, and this is the time we take a moment to reflect on the past twelve months and everything we have accomplished. As we do, we realize we are thankful in so many ways. Over the past year we continued to expand and grow, and as well we continue to add additional services to help our clients. We are also thrilled to have added new talented individuals to our team – in so many ways, it is the people of BP who make our company unique and set us apart from the competition.

Community support is another area where we continue to focus much of our attention and efforts. There are many causes that are close to our hearts – and especially to the hearts of our employees. Some of these organizations include the Travis Manion FoundationFeed My Starving Children, and Cancer Support Community of Greater Philadelphia. We also support educational institutions, and support other foundations that are tied to BP. We will share more about these causes that are important to the company and our employees over time – follow our social media channels if you don’t already! (Here is the link to our Facebook page, and our LinkedIn profile.)

We are excited for all that 2020 has to offer, and know it will be another terrific year. Happy New Year and here’s to a great 2020 from all of us at BP!

Happy Holidays from BP!

As December draws to a close and a new decade is on the horizon, we do hope you have a very joyous holiday season and are able to spend much quality time with friends and loved ones.

2019 was another tremendous year for our company! We expanded many of our lines of business and will continue to do so in the future – commercial cleaning and commercial landscaping are just a couple of the places where our clients have been excited to add BP’s services into their mix. Look for more changes and growth ahead into our future.

We are incredibly thankful to our team for all they look to do in the community. Just recently members of the BP Team and their families came in on a Saturday to partake in the Travis Manion Foundation Fall 2019 Operation Legacy. This project was in honor of US Army Captain and Ranger Connor Bednarzyk, who was a Bucks County native. The BP team assembled 150 “Jared Boxes” for distributed to children who receive treatment at local hospitals. Each Jared Box is filled with games, toys, stuffed animals, and activities. The boxes symbolize the importance of play and are filled with well wishes, hope, and love. 

And this is just one of the many ways that BP employees have been involved in the community this year. Our team is incredibly passionate about giving back – it is a core BP value.  

It’s now a time to look ahead to January and beyond, and to all that 2020 has to offer. It will be an exciting New Year, as there are new initiatives and new projects in the works. We are looking forward to sharing them with you in the coming months.

All the best to you and your family from the entire BP team!  Happy holidays!

November Makes Us Thankful!

Our team always looks forward to the month of November, which of course features the Thanksgiving holiday – the official start to the holiday season – and a time to celebrate with loved ones and friends.

It is also a great opportunity for us to reflect on what we at BP are thankful for – our health, great employees, outstanding customers and business partners, and thinking ahead to 2020 as we have many exciting plans for the company as we head into the new year.      

And yes, there is so much to be thankful for. As we kick off the holiday season on Turkey Day, November 28th, we want to pause and thank each and every member of the terrific BP team! We hope each and every one will have the opportunity to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with the togetherness of family and friends that symbolize the true spirit of the day.

We would be remiss to not mention all the wonderful BP customers and business partners who have helped us to grow and expand and improve our service offerings across our three core areas – BP Environmental, BP Works, and BP Creative Systems. Over the years, and perhaps more so in the last few years, we have felt an immense amount of support and could not be more thankful for those who are champions for BP on a daily basis.

From all of us at BP, we wish you and yours a happy and healthy month of November, and the most joyous of Thanksgivings.

BP Supports the Travis Manion Foundation

Members of the BP Family proudly participated in the recent Annual Travis Manion Foundation 9/11 Heroes Run that took place right in Doylestown. And participants included extended members of our team’s families who participated to support this fantastic organization!

And who is Travis Manion?  From the Foundation’s website, here is the detail of the story behind this hero:

Growing up in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Travis Manion was known for his strong leadership qualities, athleticism and academic achievement.

Upon graduation from the United States Naval Academy, he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and was awarded a commission into the United States Marine Corps. After finishing at the top of his class at The Basic School in Quantico, VA, Travis was assigned to 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, I Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Pendleton, Calif with whom he deployed to Iraq for his first tour of duty.

In 2006, Travis was selected, as an experienced Iraq War veteran from 1st Recon Battalion, to become a part of a military transition team (MiTT) with 10 other Marines that would train and partner with an Iraqi Army Battalion in Fallujah, Iraq.

On April 29, 2007, 1st Lt. Travis Manion, his fellow Marines and Iraqi Army counterparts were ambushed while searching a suspected insurgent house in the Al Anbar province of Iraq. Leading the counterattack against the enemy forces, Travis was fatally wounded by an enemy sniper while aiding and drawing fire away from his wounded teammates.

Travis Manion made the ultimate sacrifice that day. His selfless actions allowed every member of his patrol to survive.

For his actions, Travis was awarded the Silver Star and Bronze Star with Valor. His legacy continues to grow through the work of TMF, inspiring people to live with character and make an impact by serving others.

We can all remember Travis by carrying on the values that defined his life.

The BP Team Kicks Off the Autumn Season!

As the official start to fall begins with the long holiday weekend at the beginning of September, we first will share a bit of history and back story. Labor Day, a distinctly American holiday with deep roots, is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers, and truly is an annual national tribute to the many contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of the United States of America.

Falling on the first Monday in September, Labor Day first gained governmental recognition through municipal ordinances passed in 1885-6. States then also worked to pass bills to recognize the holiday, and in 1894 Congress passed an act making the first the day official and a legal holiday 

Once the Labor Day holiday passes, the fall season is in full swing and we will see more and more of our commercial clients involved in construction projects. Our construction site service offerings provide a full array of services to ensure your work site has everything you need.

Our team continues its training and education in all facets of our business – members of the Leadership and Outside Sales Team recently participated in on-site education focused on post-construction cleanup to stay on top of trends in the industry (shown above). We always want to be ahead of the curve in terms of our knowledge and of the developments taking place in the field.

On a different note, fall is a great time to ensure your landscaping is where you want it to be – this is a growing arm of BP and we have the expertise on staff to transform your location to where you want it to be. And remember our commercial cleaning solutions also help clients ensure the workplace is in top condition for clients and employees alike.

From dumpsters and porta-potties to trailers and fencing, along with any of the heavy equipment that you might need, the BP team can work with you and your team to seamlessly help with the behind the scenes logistics of your job site. Whether you have an expected project time of a day, week, month or even year, BP is here to help.

The end of summer means a busy time at BP!

We hope your summer continues to be fantastic – and while for many of us summer includes much-needed vacation and time spent relaxing with family and friends, it is also is a busy season for all of us at BP in many ways.  We’ve been working on some fun and interesting projects, and as we prepare to enter the autumn season, we see no slowdown in the work we will be doing.

Summer for us has meant some community events – and we love to be a part of these! BP provided all trash boxes for the Panzer Fest Car Show in Warminster (Pennsylvania) in early August. This is a fantastic event, and we were thrilled to be able to do a part to help keep the venue clean and enjoyable for all participants.

And much of our traditional work continues full-steam ahead. Here’s something that many may not realize – BP can assist your team with many different types of training.  Check out this picture of some members of the BP equipment rental team who recently updated their aerial platform OSHA training. It’s a great opportunity to look behind the scenes at the talented group of BP employees!

And it’s Back to School for students and teachers all across the region and the nation. We love to do our part and make sure that classrooms are ready to go – look at this awesome before and after picture of a classroom in Philadelphia. It looks like students will be coming back to a great environment – one which will facilitate learning for sure!

From everyone at BP, enjoy the final days of summer and the early busy time as we move into the active days of September.  We hope to have the chance to talk with you soon!

Summer in full swing at BP

Summer is in full swing at BP Business Solutions – we hope July was a great month (we love July as it features one of our favorite holidays to celebrate, Independence Day!). And while our team is completely enjoying summer as we spend great quality time with family and friends, we are fully on track helping many of our customers find the best solutions for their businesses – whether with waste and recycling solutions, equipment rental, commercial cleaning or landscaping services.

We’ve reached the midpoint of the year, and would like to thank our many customers for their ongoing support and reliance on BP to provide needed services for their company. We truly appreciate the opportunity to work with our outstanding customers, and are honored to have our clients ask us to find the best solutions for their business challenges and opportunities.

As a reminder, the range of services that BP offers is expansive – and during this season we find our customers busier than ever, and they turn to us to help run their businesses smoothly and more efficiently as our expertise truly runs the full gamut. Summer is time of construction projects, and our BP Works division partners with clients to get needed equipment to job sites. Our BP Creative division has ramped up commercial cleaning services, and also includes commercial landscaping services. And just one example of a need we fill through our cornerstone BP Environmental division (with a focus on dumpsters and waste removal services), are porta-potty rentals for any occasion – whether for employees on a jobsite, for an elegant outdoor entertainment affair, or anything in between.

Our wish is for you to enjoy all that summer has to offer with family and friends, and at work to have the most productive days you can as you look forward to autumn and exciting days ahead.