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Construction Site Services

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Full Job Site Services

We can provide your work site with anything you need to get your job finished efficiently and cost effectively.  BP specializes in full job site management and can help make recommendations concerning the items needed to successfully complete your job.

Dumpsters and Porta-Potties

Dumpsters and portable toilets are two common needs for any job site.  BP offers various sizes of dumpsters and a variety of portable toilet options. 

Trailers and Fencing

red fence for comm services purchasedStorage containers provide a convenient and secure location to house documents, supplies and miscellaneous items on a job site.  Many units have the ability to lock, which keeps your items safe while your job site is unattended. Storage containers and office trailers range in size, depending on your needs.  Units can be placed close to warehouses to extend storage space or positioned so that a forklift is able to retrieve materials from inside.  Whether your job will be active for a day, week, month or even year, BP can arrange to have your storage container or office trailer on site as long as you need.

Temporary fencing is an effective way to keep your job site clear of unwanted people and objects.  The safety and security of your work site and workers is top priority – no matter the size of the job.  Fencing is often a job site requirement and comes in many shapes and sizes.  From fence panels to orange safety fencing, BP can meet any of your fencing requests.