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Earth Day 2019

Earth Day 2019 takes place this month – and the theme for this year is Protect Our Species.

In 2018, the theme was End Plastic Pollution. For 2017, the theme was Environmental and Climate Literacy. In 2016, the theme was Trees for the Earth, with an ambitious goal – to plant 7.8 billion trees across the globe by Earth Day 2020. (That’s one tree for every person on Earth, as of Earth Day 2016!)

But no matter what the years theme, not surprisingly the idea for Earth Day is to use it as a catalyst to highlight, focus and get more people involved and engaged in driving concerned individuals to find creative ways to solve environmental issues.

So what does Earth Day mean to those of us at BP? As mentioned earlier, we do our part as every member of our staff has an eye to the environment.

  • Within our Environmental Group, we help clients remove unwanted trash and debris, and specialize in the safe disposal of hazardous materials (such as e-waste); this division also works with clients who need help developing recycling and composting solutions.
  • Our Creative Group has a focus is on commercial cleaning, and here we offer a wide range of environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions and cleaning methods that help reduce the use of toxic and harmful chemicals. This also makes the workplace safer for our clients and their customers.

Earth Day is a global event each year, with an estimate 1 billion+ people in almost 200 countries now taking part in what is the largest civic-focused day of action in the world.

Above we have listed just some of the many examples of what goes on within BP. Know that BP looks to do all that we can to preserve the Earth’s environment year-round, and not just on Earth Day itself.  We hope you join us with a vision to healthier living for all future generations to come.

Together, we all really CAN make a difference.