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It’s time to spring into construction and landscaping season

After a long winter (which only seems to continue), thoughts of spring have entered all of our minds.  And naturally, we also think about all the upcoming projects that are indicators of the season – from construction and landscaping to work site equipment and more – the new season is starting to ramp up.  And we at BP are more than ready for all that warmer weather has in store for us.

BP offers customized commercial landscaping and lawn care services to fit your needs. You can focus on running your business while you leave it to us to make sure your property looks its best at all times!

From grass cutting and weeding, to edge trimming and tree pruning, and from shrub, flower and tree planting to lawn and bed treatments and spring clean up and mulching, our expert staff can take care of your maintenance and landscaping needs.

And at BP we will continue to update all our our clients, partners, and others on the latest in recycling news. We continue to monitor the situation and add articles of importance and interest to our recycling news section on our website. We invite you to check back to this page frequently – and don’t hesitate to ask us any questions as they arise! We are here to help and decipher what this global news means to your business.