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Recycling industry changes – they are here!

There are many changes taking place in the recycling industry – both on a domestic front, as well as internationally.

From a global perspective, things started changing once China started restricting imports of certain recycled materials at the start of the year. China is the world’s largest market for recycled waste, and early this year imposed restrictions on items including plastics and unsorted paper.

Because there has been change, we at BP have put together a chart with clear information on what items should always be recycled, and equally (if not more importantly) what items should NOT be included in a recycling container or bin. What you should do with some items might surprise you.

Did you know, for example, that you should NOT include bags or film in your recycling bin? You also should take care to ensure no food items are included in your recycling. However, it is fine to recycle flattened boxes, food cans, and plastic bottles and containers.  Click here for the complete list of recycling “dos and don’ts”.

In addition, we want to share some news articles that provide additional insight, so you are “in the know” about all that is taking place within the recycling industry.  Keep watching – things will continue to evolve and change!  We at BP will keep all our clients apprised of what is happening.

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