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The BP Team Kicks Off the Autumn Season!

As the official start to fall begins with the long holiday weekend at the beginning of September, we first will share a bit of history and back story. Labor Day, a distinctly American holiday with deep roots, is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers, and truly is an annual national tribute to the many contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of the United States of America.

Falling on the first Monday in September, Labor Day first gained governmental recognition through municipal ordinances passed in 1885-6. States then also worked to pass bills to recognize the holiday, and in 1894 Congress passed an act making the first the day official and a legal holiday 

Once the Labor Day holiday passes, the fall season is in full swing and we will see more and more of our commercial clients involved in construction projects. Our construction site service offerings provide a full array of services to ensure your work site has everything you need.

Our team continues its training and education in all facets of our business – members of the Leadership and Outside Sales Team recently participated in on-site education focused on post-construction cleanup to stay on top of trends in the industry (shown above). We always want to be ahead of the curve in terms of our knowledge and of the developments taking place in the field.

On a different note, fall is a great time to ensure your landscaping is where you want it to be – this is a growing arm of BP and we have the expertise on staff to transform your location to where you want it to be. And remember our commercial cleaning solutions also help clients ensure the workplace is in top condition for clients and employees alike.

From dumpsters and porta-potties to trailers and fencing, along with any of the heavy equipment that you might need, the BP team can work with you and your team to seamlessly help with the behind the scenes logistics of your job site. Whether you have an expected project time of a day, week, month or even year, BP is here to help.