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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why should I work with BP Business Solutions versus going direct with a service provider or supplier?

A: BP has relationships with thousands of vendors all over the country which enables us to assist customers all across the United States. We have the buying power and resources available to provide you with the most cost effective solutions, and we pride ourselves on providing customer service second to none.

We know our clients must focus on running their business – so we are here to solve your waste, construction and office related logistics and needs.

Q: What if I have a contract in place with my current waste removal provider? Can I also work with BP?

A: BP will work within the parameters of your current agreement, and in many cases we can start saving you money even before the contract expires. And once that contract with your former provider is up, BP will handle all the paperwork and will look into ways to save you even more time and money.
Q: Will I have a single point of contact at BP?

A: Yes. All of our customers have a BP sales representative that serves as the primary point of contact, or ‘go to’ person. In addition, any of our employees are available to assist with customer needs as well.
Q: Do I have to complete a credit application for each of the BP companies I work with?

A: Good news here – no. One credit application is good for all three of our companies.
Q: Why does BP pride itself on its billing practices?

A: BP’s billing process is a step above the competition due to its simplicity and customization. We create invoices that are easy to understand and clearly display and explain costs. Invoices are sent to customers in the way they prefer – either electronically or by mail.

We customize invoicing for clients with multiple locations to fit the needs of their business – some clients prefer one top-side invoice, while others prefer each geographic location to receive an invoice.

Q: What if I have a service need after standard business hours?

A: BP’s sales representatives are always available after hours to assist with customer needs. Our voicemail system transfers voicemail messages to our sales team’s mobile phones so you will always receive a call back in a timely manner, no matter what time of day or what day of the week.
Q: Do you charge a fee for your services or your recommendations and evaluations?

A: More good news – no. BP does not charge any service or evaluation fees and provides complimentary recommendations. We clearly state any fees or charges at the start of a relationship with a client, so there are never any surprises when you begin to receive invoices.